Unkown girl

The Unknown girl

The unknown girl in Elliott's class first appears as Elliott gets on the buss while arguing with Tyler and Greg. She later appears in the school scene.

She is the girl who he kisses in class due to physic connection between him and E.T., who was watching a romance movie that triggered his strange and surprising actions.

It is appeared as she likes Elliott, but Elliott isn't interested in her.

She is seen standing on a chair and a student place's a frog on her shoe making her unconfortable, as she runs to the door Eliot grabs her arm,stands on a student and kisses her he is then seen getting dragged away as she watches him. After Elliott kisses her it is determined he still has no interest in her and doesn't like her.

Her fate is uncertain after the movie.

Trivia Edit

She is portrayed By Erika Elenaik.

She is listed as "Cute Girl" in the credits